◆room (7 private rooms as below) ....2nd floor only *capacity is 15 persons
All rooms are not include shower and toilet.
There are no towel, toothbrush, yukata bathrobe in your room, but you can buy a towel (\100) , toothbrush (\50)
and rent bath towel (\200).

★Japanese-style tatami-mats room (5 rooms) 
6 tatami-mats wide for 1 or 2 persons, or 10-12 tatami-mats wide for 1 to 4 persons
★single bedroom (with extra bed for 2 person is available) ...2 rooms
room about 11 ㎡ with single-bed, table, chair, TV. air-conditioner
If you want to use this room for 2 persons, you can use an extra single bed, however, cramped for 2.